Our services

Micket LLC has over 17 years of experience providing custom web solutions.
Our preferred stack is .NET Web API for RESTful APIs and Angular for complex UIs.


We follow microservices patterns when building out RESTful APIs.

Complex UI Development

We take the time to understand how users are using your system and create streamlined UIs to get the job done quickly.

Quality Code

We code as if the person who will be maintaining our code is a serial killer. Clean, linted code.

Free Consultation

We love hearing from passionate people about their million dollar idea.
Or, if you just wanna grab a beer and brainstorm how
using web & mobile technologies can make peoples' lives better.

Latest News

Keeping up with the latest technologies can be overwhelming.
We actively participate in the local Denver tech meetups and sync up with our web geek friends
in order to determine which shiny new framework or library we'll be chasing next.

ByJan Go Jan 13, 2018

Hello world!

Welcome to my website!  This is a work in progress...